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The Necessary Dark – A Celebration & A Listening Party

Over the past seven years Susanna’s husband, Joshua Banner, has been setting various portions of her writings to music.  “The Necessary Dark” is now available for pre-order HERE.  If you are in west Michigan and would like to attend the listening party November 17, you can find more information and register your attendance HERE.


Susanna wins Society of Midland Authors Prize


Entering the House of Awe was selected to win this year’s prize in poetry from the Society of Midland Authors. The award has a great history of some distinguished authors, including personal favorites like Gwendolyn Brooks, Ronald Wallace, and Hope College’s own Jack Ridl. We’re very excited!



Hope versus Calvin?








Hope versus Calvin? Some people believe you need to decide which, but you won’t have to take sides for Susanna’s sake this week since she is presenting at both schools–a busy week for a woman in her 31st week of pregnancy.

*April 17, Holland, MI. Hope College Visiting Writer’s Series. Reading. 7pm.

*April 19-21, Grand Rapids, MI. Calvin College Festival of Faith & Writing.

  • April 20, 10am presentation: “Borrowing the Fictive for Poetry: How Imagination and Biography Can Blur and Shimmy”
  • April 20, 4:45pm: “Poetry Spoken & Sung” w/ The Calvin College Capella Choir and other festival poets.
  • April 21, 10am panel discussion with Aaron Belz & Brett Foster: “The Evolution of a Poem.”
  • April 21, 11:30am: “The Poetry of Life: Susanna Childress and Julia Kasdorf in Conversation”