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Introducing…Austin-based Awst Press!


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So pleased, so honored, so excited to be the first in their series of Featured Authors. Awst Press now has three new poems, a new essay, and several complementary, previously published pieces of mine available on their site in digital and print format. The best of both worlds!

Dig their vision. From founding editor Wendy M. Walker,  “I came to understand how authors may have publications in different places that aren’t continually available to readers—maybe they end up behind a pay wall or somebody shuts down a journal or there’s no more copies in print. I realized I could help authors by offering a home for their work, even after they’d been published elsewhere.”

Dig their hearts. Again from Wendy, “Do we really want authors spending their time selling themselves and their products? It begins to feel that we are rewarding salespeople instead of writers. In truth, this is what put me on the path to creating something new—Awst Press.”

Dig the crew making things happen: Wendy M. Walker, Tatiana Ryckman, Paul Adams. Phenomenal editors, interviewers, and advocates of/for the literary landscape.

As if that ain’t enough, they’ve got a great lineup for the coming months! I’m in the company of these fine folks who will also be Featured Authors: Lillian KwokDavid Olimpio, and Dan Bevacqua.

Go-go Awst Press! (Yes, that’s an Inspector Gadget reference. But also: seriously. Go-go on over to Awst Press and check out the goodness….)


Break out the Cake!

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 12.00.14 AMCPR is celebrating the Best American Poetry pick with me by posting an interview and the “chosen” poem. Put on your party hats and check it out here. Thanks, CPR!

Next Stop: 2015’s Best American Poetry!


Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.20.53 PMIt’s super exciting to announce our most recent news: Sherman Alexie has selected Susanna’s “Careful, I Just Won a Prize at the Fair” for the 2015 volume of Best American Poetry. Susanna’s poem originally appeared in Columbia Poetry Review, no27; it will appear in the annual BAP, forthcoming in September from Simon & Schuster (series editor, David Lehman).

Huge thanks to Sherman Alexie, of course, and also to Abigail Zimmer Christian, who solicited poems from Susanna for Columbia Poetry Review.

Now we’re scheming how to get to New York City in September for the reading…(it would be Susanna’s first trip, yes, ever, to NYC).